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Are You Sure You Didn't Just Want A Pony Ride? by bonnybanshey
Are You Sure You Didn't Just Want A Pony Ride?
"I'm not gonna lie Necromana I am enjoying this but I had a reason to call on you." said Mahou "You can call me Mana and what's the reason?" she asked "I was crystal reading and Bianca is going to die a few days after telling Boa's parents what happen I think its the fact she'll love no other and the figure with a snake wasn't happy at hearing that." she said "Yikes and where in the after life am I galloping to?" asked Mana "The land of the remembered at least that's what the Ouija board told me he was." said Mahou "I'm glad you didn't tell the sun princess about it she doesn't like Xibalba something about how dangerous he and Discord be if they got together for a prank war." said Mana "Its funny only those linked by magic can find Equestria." giggled Mahou as they began seeing ghosts.


Mana like Princess Celestia of the Sun Luna of the moon Cadence of love and Twilight Friendship Mana is the princess of death and will help any pony or person find a spirit

base to Pony and PPG base
Hola Estrella by bonnybanshey
Hola Estrella
"Hola Brioso." grinned a skeleton puff with star markings "Whoa how many puffs have died?" asked Boa gaping "Oh a new arrival?" asked Estrella "Kind of Botan is going to talk to La Muerte." said Brioso "Oh looks like Estrella found our other descendant Maria." smiled a skeleton man with a black bull fighters uniform "It seems she has." smiled a skeleton woman with long brown hair and a red skirt. "Oh Ancesty Manolo Ancesty Maria um how much trouble am I in with Abuela and Abuelo?" asked Brioso "Trouble is an understatement little one." said another woman with brown hair with a white streak "Can I stay with you for a little while then Ancesty Carmen?" asked Brioso with a fake smile "Oh no your grandmother is scary when mad seems all the women who marry into the family are fiery and fighters." said a skeleton man wearing a green version of Manolo's bull fighting outfit "Ancesty?" asked Boa "Short for ancestor easier then saying a bunch of great's" said Estrella "Oh makes sense HEY WAIT MANOLO MARIA CARMEN?!" yelped Boa wide eyed "Yes That is our names you seem surprised." said Manolo "Y-your last name isn't Sanchez is it?" he asked "Ci it is." smiled Maria "Oh crud um well until Ma marry's mom my last name is Jones and Sanchez Ma says she's named after her ancestor as well as Aunt Carmen and Unc well." said Boa "Ugh that boy never liked anything we gave him." said an old skeleton man "Abuelo I found Brioso." smiled Estrella "I see I chew her out but it looks like we have yet another Sanchez." he grinned and hugged Boa "NO NO NO I AM HERE ON TEMPORARY VISIT BOTAN AND THE GRIM REAPER SAID SO!" he yelped slipping away from his dead grandfather his ancestors staring surprised at this statement. "Its true Botan told me herself before leaving to find La Muerte." said Brioso "Perhaps you should explain everything." said Maria  "Yeah sure." said Boa and began explaining "I guess the term History repeats itself falls here." said Estrella who been told the story of her Ancestor's love many times before Brioso showed up. The Ancestors nodded.


I saw book of life and well I had to have Boa related even if by adoption because his Ma as he calls her was always named Maria Sanchez and if I didn't have Manolo and his family as ancestors I never forgive myself anyway enjoy

base to: PPG base 2
I want to talk to you by bonnybanshey
I want to talk to you
"I may be leaving soon." said Sedusa "WHAT WHY I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY MOTHER BUT I GUESS I WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU ONLY BEING A SOURCE FOR F..." she yelled before Sedusa stopped her "I might be leaving because I had made a bet with HIM the winner getting this house and rights to raise you but it seems I'm not going to win." she said softly sad "Wait this bet doesn't involve what happen to Bianca does it?" she asked "Yes I had bet that Bianca would never leave Boa but that disgusting Ruff HIM made had the ability to turn his hair into snakes." she said "Wait so he killed Boa?" she asked "Yes and HIM wins by default that's the thing I regret most even more than leaving my blood daughter making my sister suffer because she thinks I hate her or my life of crime and trust me I do regret all of it just not as much as costing a kid his life." she sighed "Wait you said you bet Bianca never leave Boa if Bianca truly could love no other even with Boa's death you still win because you said she never leave that means not falling for another even if Boa would have wanted her to find love elsewhere." she said "Its a stretch but we don't know for sure Blair." she said she had prefered Blair over Blood Pudding.


Sedusa explaining about the bet so Blood Pudding won't be angry or confused at her departure

Lineart by the awesome :iconraingrass:
Honey to the bee by bonnybanshey
Honey to the bee
"The crow and the bean field, Are my best friends but Boy, I need a hug Cause my heart stops without you There's something about you That makes me feel alive" Smiled Bianca as their favorite song played "Don't remind me I'm a chickadee in love with the sky But that's clearly not a lot to crow about Cause when the stars silhouette me I'm scared they'll forget me And flicker out." Sang Boa softly to Bianca "I swear there's a lot of vegetables out there That crop up for air Yeah I never thought We were two peas in a pod Until you suddenly bloomed Then I knew That I'd always love you."Bianca added hugging Boa "But if I reached for your hand Would your eyes get wide?" Boa smiled "And if I reached for your hand For the rest of my life?" the two sang together of the last lyrics of the song Bare watching the dream since she still didn't have the hang of her Telepathy yet and sighed sad for her poor sister and remembered the Honey festival she remember it because it was Boa and Bianca's second date and she and the other puffs and ruffs agreed to make sure nothing ruined the day for the two.


Bianca via dreaming remembering that day at the honey festival with Boa

I used parts of the song Honey and the Bee to represent the two Bianca saying how she might not be able to go on if she lost Boa, Boa worrying about if for some reason he had to leave Bianca she forgetting him, Bianca remembering at the time how she never thought Boa work out for her thinking he run once he heard how she was made and being surprised when he said she could have been the actual daughter of Dick and not care thus falling in love with him, and then Boa asking if Bianca is surprised he loves her and then both asking the other if they be together forever.

Bara and Miss Bellum are worried about Bianca she hasn't been eating since it happen

and yes that is an actual jar of Honey it was a gimmick called edible hat's

base to Ppg X Rrb Base


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something i found on reddit i'm not stupid enough to try)

Addison Baker Addie for short was a woman who lived in a wooded area near Salem. she had a little boy who loved marbles and dropping them into water or juice before drinking the contents, one day the boy vanished. the village of Salem searched but could not find him soon word spread that Addison was a witch and killed her child in a ritual with the devil. Despite her pleas that she did no such thing she was burned at the stake it was an hour after she been killed when a hunter had came back with the boy covered in mud he had apparently fallen into a hole hidden by shrubbery. when the villagers realized that Addie had been telling the truth and was innocent they did the only thing they could do give her a Christian burial and pray for God's forgiveness for killing her. However her enraged spirit began hunting the children of the people who killed her when news spread of what was happening they realized something none of the children of the family who taken Addie's son in had been targeted they then realized that it was Addie back for revenge. They asked the children if they seen Addie. The children had said yes and that she was going to kill them until her son had told them to take a sip of his water which had a marble in it. the minute they did that Addie vanished the vallge started leaving water next to their children bed with a single marble. After that the killings stopped

rules and requirements to summon Addie

required items

1. a glass or bottle of water or other liquids Ramune are a better choice which will be explained soon

2. a marble to drop in the liquid a Ramune bottle filled with soda is better as its sealed with a marble meaning less risk of losing it

3. salt to make a protective circle

4. something of a forest such as a leaf or stone


1. make the circle with the salt

2. put your piece of forest in the middle

3. make sure to have your liquid with a marble in it near by as you will need to drink it when you are done talking to Addie or if things go south fast.

4. call her "ADDIE BAKER I KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS" this should bring her as over time she has forgotten her child was found soon after she died

you can ask her things like how to grow flowers or what be good for a babies cough but, never ask things like if her child was born out of wedlock or if she killed him. this will anger her and make her lunge for you she will be able to scratch you hard drawing blood in which case quickly drink your liquid to the bottom to send her off. if you respect her you will only need to take one sip to send her off once you have gotten what you asked for.
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