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Let's get moving by bonnybanshey
Let's get moving
Boa taking the green medal and putting it in his pocket. "Wait I need to get the portal open." said Botan "Don't worry I know a short cut see you at the battle Mahou." said Boa lifting Bianca bridal style Bianca blushing and took off straight up. "Oh he's good." said Mana grinning "Wait I may have a spell to bypass the rules of the dead visiting only on Day of the dead." said Mahou pulling her spell book out since it still was a few days before day of the dead.


Boa the show off XD

base to PPG and RRB~Picked up Base
That Demon Has Gone Too Far by bonnybanshey
That Demon Has Gone Too Far
"If Penny and her boyfriend hadn't witness everything I wouldn't have linked two and two together." said Bumble Bee sad "Yeah well remember who did it Mr. Demon crab who be willing to kill if he had to." spat Cream Puff angrily "two deaths for a stupid bet." said Bara sad at the loss of her sister "Why kill Bianca though?" asked Chibi "Isn't it obvious without Bianca to confess she never love again the one who made the bet with HIM loses." said Beaker as they watched paramedics carry a body bag to a coroner truck. "All I know is now I have lost my sister." said Bara crying


The unique puffs are aware of what happen thanks to Penny Sanchez witnessing the confrontation with Rudy next to her now they will let their fellow Ruff and puffs know its time for battle

base to  it won't let me link back unfortunately
One Last Kiss Before You Go by bonnybanshey
One Last Kiss Before You Go
As the two kissed orbs of light swirled around them and they became alive again. "ITS TRUE LOVES KISS!!" squealed Estrella and Briso Boa's ancestors stared agape along with Botan. "Hey we're both alive." said Boa seeing Bianca with skin as well. "Well they don't know who the ruff or puff who is to die is but I think I know." said Bianca with a wink. "So Botan how are they getting back?" asked Mahou "Oh La Muerte gave me a green medal for some reason and said Boa need it." said Botan holding up a green medal.


And now the fun begins

base to Puff kissing Base
I wait a thousand years by bonnybanshey
I wait a thousand years
"But Bianca." he said sad "Boa I'll be fine but one of us needs to go back and deal with Demonio and HIM or they'll win." said Bianca "I'm just scared to leave you." he said "I am the captain of an oil tanker that travels through your veins." she smiled "What if I forget you?" he asked "I am the pilot of a cargo airplane that travels through your veins." she sang softly "Bianca." he sighed "I am the engineer of forty freight trains that travels through your veins." she grinned "Alright alright but just promise you won't forget me." he said "I couldn't if I tried though why would I want to?" she smirked


this is it for now I'm waiting on a base to continue it

base to Space love base


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something i found on reddit i'm not stupid enough to try)

Addison Baker Addie for short was a woman who lived in a wooded area near Salem. she had a little boy who loved marbles and dropping them into water or juice before drinking the contents, one day the boy vanished. the village of Salem searched but could not find him soon word spread that Addison was a witch and killed her child in a ritual with the devil. Despite her pleas that she did no such thing she was burned at the stake it was an hour after she been killed when a hunter had came back with the boy covered in mud he had apparently fallen into a hole hidden by shrubbery. when the villagers realized that Addie had been telling the truth and was innocent they did the only thing they could do give her a Christian burial and pray for God's forgiveness for killing her. However her enraged spirit began hunting the children of the people who killed her when news spread of what was happening they realized something none of the children of the family who taken Addie's son in had been targeted they then realized that it was Addie back for revenge. They asked the children if they seen Addie. The children had said yes and that she was going to kill them until her son had told them to take a sip of his water which had a marble in it. the minute they did that Addie vanished the vallge started leaving water next to their children bed with a single marble. After that the killings stopped

rules and requirements to summon Addie

required items

1. a glass or bottle of water or other liquids Ramune are a better choice which will be explained soon

2. a marble to drop in the liquid a Ramune bottle filled with soda is better as its sealed with a marble meaning less risk of losing it

3. salt to make a protective circle

4. something of a forest such as a leaf or stone


1. make the circle with the salt

2. put your piece of forest in the middle

3. make sure to have your liquid with a marble in it near by as you will need to drink it when you are done talking to Addie or if things go south fast.

4. call her "ADDIE BAKER I KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS" this should bring her as over time she has forgotten her child was found soon after she died

you can ask her things like how to grow flowers or what be good for a babies cough but, never ask things like if her child was born out of wedlock or if she killed him. this will anger her and make her lunge for you she will be able to scratch you hard drawing blood in which case quickly drink your liquid to the bottom to send her off. if you respect her you will only need to take one sip to send her off once you have gotten what you asked for.
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